Lots of singles have a list of parameters they’d like to see in their future mate

Lots of singles have a list of parameters they’d like to see in their future mate

Lots of singles have a list of parameters they’d like to see in their future mate. The older you get, the longer the list and there’s nothing wrong with that. Experience teaches us what we want and what we don’t want in a mate.

Would You Recognize The One When They Finally Show Up?

So we assume that, armed with our list, when The One does show up, we’d recognize them. We’d be able to run down our list, check off the characteristics we were looking for and order the engagement ring.

It doesn’t always happen like that. Sometimes the right person is a real surprise. They may not have the hair color you expected, the body shape you ordered or the yearly income you jotted down. They could be the “wrong” religion or belong to a political party you don’t like.

But here they are, ready to give you everything you’ve ever wanted… and you dismiss them because you’re too rigid with your parameters.

Give Love A Chance

I hear this story again and again from happy couples: “He wasn’t really my type”; “I never thought I’d date an Asian man”; “I always dated the athletic girls.” And immediately afterwards: “I am so happy I gave him a chance”; “I can’t imagine my life without her”; “I am glad I listened to my heart.”

The rules went out the window as soon as the person who made their heart sing came along. They opened their heart and they found The One.

But it doesn’t happen for everyone. Many people still struggle to find their mate because of the rigidity of the rules that stem from a heart that’s yet to be open.

Only One Parameter Should Really Matter

There’s only one important parameter you should pay attention to: how this person feels to you.

Your heart is closed if instead of paying attention to how this person feels and what your heart is telling you, you hide your heart behind your list of expectations.

I talked about the Opening Of The Heart process before. This time we will discuss it in the context of being open to attracting and recognizing that special person.

6 Signs Your Heart Is Closed:

  • You dismiss potential mates easily.
  • You find faults in others.
  • You avoid new experiences out of fear.
  • You’re afraid to get hurt.
  • You’re protected.
  • You don’t let yourself get carried away with your emotions, even if they feel good.

What Happens When Your Heart Starts To Open:

  • You start “thinking” with your heart instead of with your mind.
  • Your rules soften… and some melt away.
  • You open yourself to all sorts of people you previously dismissed.
  • You start appreciating others more.
  • You let yourself get carried away in experiences that you previously wouldn’t have tried.
  • You do things you used to think were irrational.
  • You feel happier and open to new people and new experiences.
  • You catch yourself dancing or singing when you’re alone.
  • You smile and laugh a lot
  • You’re more inclined to accept people just the way they are.
  • You start being more sensitive to the way you feel around other people.
  • You start attracting situations that make your heart even more open. That’s the Law of Attraction in action.

When you read both lists, which one feels better? Obviously, when you open your heart you don’t just open yourself to the perfect mate. You become happier. Isn’t learning to be happy what life is about?

The Solution: Opening your heart

If you’re single and want to recognize the perfect mate you’ve been asking for when they finally show up, you should work on opening your heart. Apply the Opening Of The Heart process and you will see a big shift. Your rules will become less rigid. You’ll be more open to people you previously dismissed, and you’ll have new and enjoyable experiences.