The Law of Attraction states that how you vibrate becomes your point of attraction. Because that point of attraction determines what and who you will attract into your life, you need to learn how to master your vibration. In this post, I will explain how to control your vibration and attract what you really want.

What Is Your Vibration?

A vibration is made up of more than one element. It can be described as a kind of soup made up of the following ingredients:

Your Vibrational Soup, Your Point of Attraction

Your Vibrational Soup, Your Point of Attraction

  • Our conscious minds – All the thoughts and emotions that we think and feel on a regular basis.
  • Our subconscious minds – The  beliefs that our subconscious mind holds.
  • Our unconscious mind – The beliefs we’ve inherited from our past lives and our ancestors.
  • Our emotional body – The frequencies we hold in our emotional body such as the energy layer around our physical bodies. These can include stress, trauma, disconnected “child” pieces, and so on.

If we learn how to control and modify each of these factors, we should be able to maintain control of our vibration, our point of attraction and what we manifest in our lives.

The Conscious Mind

I’ve shared a number of processes that can tackle our conscious mind. The Focus Wheel Process, Pre-Paving, Self-Talk and most of the processes Abraham-Hicks offer all help us to control our conscious mind. They provide a way for us to feel and vibrate on a much higher frequency.

These processes are an important factor in maintaining our overall vibration, and they can often enable us to receive exactly what we want. But sometimes they’re not enough. If you’ve tried every conscious-influencing process you can think of but still can’t manifest what you want, you’ll need to broaden your approach.

The Subconscious Mind

Sometimes, you’ll do focus wheel after focus wheel, write lists of positive aspects, perform acts of appreciation and reality checks, and even though you feel better, the manifestation just isn’t happening. Your lover still hasn’t shown up. You still live in a crummy apartment. Your business is still leaking customers. You wonder what you’re missing.

What’s missing is likely to be the influence of your beliefs in your subconscious mind. For example, you might work on your relationship with money by doing focus wheels that state “I am abundant.” And while you might feel better about your abundance, your bank account may still show a lack of cash.

It’s likely that you have subconscious and other limiting beliefs that say “I never have enough money.” Until you replace these limiting beliefs with alternatives that serve you better, you will have a really hard time making abundance your reality. That sense of “I never have enough money” needs to become “Money comes easily to me.”

Subconscious beliefs are said to control 95 percent of our reality. That doesn’t meant that focusing on the conscious mind is a waste of time; the conscious mind is still very important and the changes we make to it trickle to the subconscious mind. But they don’t always do enough to make an everlasting change on an existing limiting subconscious belief.

How To Change Your Limiting Subconscious Beliefs

You can change your subconscious beliefs using PSYCH-K. It’s hugely effective but a little complex to explain so I’ll write about it in a separate post. Keep an eye out for it.

The Unconscious Mind

Some people believe that babies are born as a clean slate. They bring no baggage and no negative vibrations. But that’s often not the case. Babies can be born with limiting beliefs and hindering frequencies. They can arrive with trauma and stress that they’ve picked up in past lives, from their ancestors’ lineage passage and from the environment they experienced while they were in the womb. They can be affected by their mother’s worries and even by traumatic events in the news.

If you came into this world with built-in vibrational baggage, you will have a harder time receiving what you want, and you will be puzzled when the work you do on your conscious and subconscious minds don’t yield the results you desire.

How To Clear Up Unconscious And Inherited Baggage

Some healers specialize in past life trauma and in the clearing of ancestors’ limiting frequencies from vibrations. Kerri Finnecy does it very effectively. A PSYCH-K session with a certified practitioner who can easily address and eliminate any inhibiting unconscious beliefs will also work.

The Emotional Body

Processes like Piece Alignment and Erasing Hot Buttons And Becoming Neutral can transform any limiting frequencies in your emotional body and add positive energy to your vibrational soup.

PSYCH-K offers an extremely powerful process called “Stress Release” or “Distress Resolution.” It’s simple and effective, and can completely remove any stress from your emotional body—from the past, present or future. I will discuss this process in detail in a later post.

Removing stress and healing pieces that are feeling unloved is also extremely important to your vibrational soup.

Your Vibrational Soup, Your Point of Attraction

Now that you know what constitutes your vibration and which processes and techniques can help you with each element that makes up that vibration, you can start addressing each one separately. This may take time but do it methodically, one process at a time, and you will start feeling and seeing a difference, and will be on your way to attracting what you want.