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Every negative emotion we feel is a piece of us that is currently not in alignment

Every negative emotion we feel is a aspect of us that is currently not in alignment

Integrating aspects is an extremely powerful process given to me by Kerri Finnecy.

The idea is that every negative emotion we feel is an aspect  of us that is currently not in alignment with our higher self (or our I AM/soul), or which has been separated from us. To feel better we have to integrate this aspect. Once the aspect is integrated, the negative emotion dissipates.

A number of different processes aim to achieve the same result: to feel better. Some, like the Focus Wheel Process, are also very powerful but I’ve found the aspect integration process to be the fastest, most direct and most powerful method.

The theory is that a separated aspect that presents itself as a negative emotion is separated because it “feels” unloved. To bring it back, we have to reach it and convince it that we love it unconditionally.

The easiest way to access our separated aspects is through the emotional body. This is a much more direct way of reaching our aspects than using mental tools such as the Focus Wheel Process, which works well for other purposes.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Lay down in your bed or sit in a very comfortable chair or sofa. You don’t need to get fancy and sit in the lotus position or fold yourself into a yoga pose. You just need to feel at ease.
  • Focus on the negative emotion you’re feeling. What is it? You might be able to identify it as disappointment or loneliness, anger or resentment, sadness or anything else.
  • Now try to visualize where in your body this aspect resides. Is it in your chest? Your abdominal area? Your torso? On the left or on the right? I usually find it between the torso and the neck. You might locate it somewhere else in your body.
  • Now that you’ve identified the location of the emotion in your body, try to imagine its appearance:
    1. What color is it?
    2. What shape?
    3. What consistency?
    4. How big is it?

    For example, you might find that this aspect looks like black tar, half an inch tall and five inches in radius with a dense consistency and uneven edges. Or it could be a circle with sharp edges, ten inches in diameter, dark brown, very hard and shiny like metal. Or it could look like anything else. Whatever you imagine is your perception of your missing aspect.

Now that you have identified where this aspect is located and how it looks, your next step is to hold your vision of it and start talking to it.

Tell it,  “I see you there.”
Say “I feel how you feel.”
Say “I love you.”
Say “I love you no matter what.”
Say it again and again.

Say “I love you no matter what.”

Say “I love you no matter what.”

You can add descriptions: “You might look flabby and feel fragile but I still love you!”
Keep going. Declare your unconditional love to this aspect.

The aspect might talk back. It may tell you: “I don’t believe you.” Or it could say, “How can you love me? I am ruining your life!”

If this happens, answer it. Tell it: “I don’t care whether you believe me or not, I still love you!” Or say: “It doesn’t matter if you think you’re ruining my life. I love you no matter what!”

Keep telling this aspect that you love it because all this aspect wants is unconditional love. Once it is convinced that it has that unconditional love, the color, the shape and the density will start to dissipate. As you continue it will become lighter and lighter until you can no longer see any shape or form.

And once that happens, the negative emotion dissipates too!

This process of saturating your aspect with unconditional love may take five minutes or an hour or more. It depends on the strength of the emotion and its stubbornness. If you don’t feel a movement right away, keep going till you do. If you need to stop and continue later, that’s fine. Your work will not be lost.

Imagine doing this process every time you feel a negative emotion. Of course it will have a strong impact on your happiness and well-being! Not only will you feel relief right away but when you do it as a daily, weekly or monthly practice it will raise your vibration gradually and affect you in a very profound way.

Abraham-Hicks taught us that our current “emotion” is our “Point of Attraction.” For example, when you are feeling frustrated, the Law of Attraction dictates that holding this emotion will attract more circumstances and events that will increase your frustration. Minimizing negative emotions will help you not only to feel better but will also create a much richer life experience.

This is a very simple yet powerful process. I hope you give it a try next time you’re feeling any negative emotion — or even right now. Try and let me know how it went!