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In my last blog post I presented the concept of eating while being in alignment. I explained how food can either benefit or harm your body based on how aligned you are with eating it.

Being ultra-aware of your thoughts before you eat can be a challenge. We don’t usually take the time to pause and get in alignment just before we eat, especially if we’re with other people or eating in a restaurant. It’s easier when you’re alone… but even then, sometimes you just want to dig in and eat.

The Body Is The Shortcut To Alignment

What if your body gave you strong signals before you ate anything. What if it was able to let you know whether your dinner was good for you or not?

You could be looking at the menu in a restaurant. As you review the dishes you’d pay attention to your body’s reaction. Some options would produce no reaction at all but others would make you feel nauseated when you just think about eating them. That would be pretty awesome, right?

That’s your body talking, and you should listen to it.

Skip the head, go right to the body. The body knows best which food is good for it.

Most of us lost though have lost our connection to our body. We let the media, books, documentaries and Facebook posts affect us so much that we stop listening to what our body is telling us.

The Body Speaks, We Just Don’t Listen

Chakra MeditationThe body will always tell us what it wants. We just struggle to listen to it. We lost this ability to connect with our body hundreds or even thousands of years ago but especially in the past hundred years. The “noise” outside of us is so much stronger than our internal voice. We listen to others instead of listening to ourselves.

To regain this connection we have to become re-acquainted with our bodies. Kerri Finnecy gave me a great exercise that you can listen to below.

The idea is to connect with each of our chakras, then ground the energy back to earth. This process strengthens the connection to your body, returning to you the ability to “listen” to it.

Do this exercise for a few days and when you’re relaxed and quiet, you’ll find that thoughts of certain foods produce a sense of nausea. For me it was meat. I didn’t want to eat meat after three days of doing this exercise daily.

(Listen to the Chakra meditation below. You can also download it by clicking the arrow).

Chakra Meditation

Don’t Get Rigid Now…

But just because you felt nauseated by the thought of meat (or cheese, or whatever), it doesn’t mean this food is always going to be bad for you. It simply means it was bad for you at the moment you thought about it.

At another time, your body may not “feel” the same way and the thought about the same food will not make you feel nauseated. Your body’s needs change daily. Listen to your body and give your it what it wants!

Forget rigid rules. Flow with your body and let it talk to you each day.

Guilt-Free Eating

Now that you’ve re-connected with your body, you can toss aside all your beliefs about which food is good for you and which isn’t. Don’t think it; feel it. Let your body tell you what it wants and eat guilt-free.

And remember, if your body is not indicating the food is bad for you, it’s good for you.

Bon appetit!