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isolationA few months ago I had a rough few days. A bit of careless acupuncture with a very large needle triggered a hormonal imbalance. I’m normally pretty even-keeled and emotionally stable so feeling this out-of-balance was very unusual and very uncomfortable. As well as feeling sad and even depressed, I also felt completely disconnected from everybody, even my best friends. I felt alone and isolated… a huge contrast!

Thankfully, I wasn’t really alone. When I met my energy worker Kerri Finnecy at our usual weekly session, I told her about my feelings of isolation. She suggested that I ask my inner being how I can feel more connected to others.

The answer that came back surprised me: “To feel more connected to others, you must stop judging them.”

“How do I stop judging them?” I asked.

“Be more compassionate,” was the reply.

“So how do I become more compassionate?” I asked Kerri.

Kerri suggested I try Forgiveness Prayers. That wasn’t the first time she’s recommended Forgiveness Prayers but I wasn’t open to them before. I just didn’t get them and I didn’t believe they worked.

This time, I decided to give them a try.

I thought back on a moment earlier in the day while I was at the spa. There were a couple of naked ladies in the hot tub who… well, let’s say they weren’t supermodels. I’m afraid to say that my knee-jerk reaction was to judge them. I judged their weight. I judged their terrible hair. I judged the their overall look.

I’m not sure how it all started but snap judgment can be a bit of a habit of mine — not a great one, I admit. I’ve been aware of it for some time but I just didn’t know how to change. Thankfully this contrast provided the answer. (Maybe that was why it was there.)

While the Forgiveness Prayers I’ve discussed before are meant to forgive those who hurt us and should be done out loud if possible, the charge is low enough for these Forgiveness Prayers to be performed quietly, in your head.

My Forgiveness Prayers for these ladies went like this:

“I forgive you for…

  • Being over-weight.
  • Not taking pride in the way you look.
  • Not having self-awareness.
  • Not taking care of your body.
  • Neglecting yourself.
  • Not looking the best you can look.”

Then I moved on to ask for forgiveness for myself:

“Please forgive me for…

  • Judging you so harshly.
  • Thinking that there’s anything wrong with the way you look.
  • Not seeing you through the eyes of Source.
  • Not understating that you are where you are and that’s perfectly okay.
  • Not appreciating you just the way you are.
  • Thinking that I’m better than you in some way.
  • Not giving you the chance to show me how you really are as a person.
  • Forgetting there is something more to you than just the way you look.
  • Not letting you be or look the way you choose.
  • Not understanding that people were not supposed to look exactly the same, and that’s part of the fun.”

And I ended with: “And let’s all forgive ourselves. Thank you Divine Light, amen Divine Light.”

When I was done, Kerri asked me how I felt. I was absolutely stunned to find that I felt connected to those ladies. I was no longer judging them; they felt like my sisters. It was a huge difference!

When I stopped judging, I felt connected

When I stopped judging, I felt connected

That was how I finally got the power of Forgiveness Prayers. It was my first success, and I’ve been doing them ever since. Whenever I see someone and feel myself judging them for any reason, I make a Forgiveness Prayer in my head, and usually the judgment goes away. I feel connected to them, more compassionate and I may even find something to appreciate about them.

How Does it Work?

Judgment and appreciation are on opposite sides of the vibrational scale. They can’t happen simultaneously. When you forgive, you move away from the low vibration judgment towards higher-vibration emotions like compassion, appreciation and even love.

What feels better: judgment or appreciation? Do what feels good.

Also, I think people can “energetically” feel when they are being judged, and nobody likes that feeling. The more you work on losing the judgment, not only will you feel more connected to people that you tend to judge but they’ll even start seeking your company.

And of course, when that happens (and this has happened to me again and again) and you get to really know them, you may find they are actually lovely people with plenty to offer. They will enrich your life as well. Hanging out only with people who think and look like you doesn’t really encourage much growth, does it?

The next time you see someone a bit strange, who looks like someone you might normally judge and certainly stay away from, do a little Forgiveness Prayer. You may even get an urge to start a conversation and find out a little more about them. Anything can happen, and getting to know someone new can be a cool adventure. I recommend it!