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As an avid spiritual seeker, I sometimes find myself stuck. I want to move forward on my spiritual journey but I am not sure what my next step is or how to address a certain issue. I sometimes don’t see the issue clearly or don’t have enough information about it.

So what do I do?

I ask for help.

There are lots of spiritual teachers out there. They are not all at the same level but wherever you are on your journey, you can attract the perfect teacher for you — then change your teacher as you progress.

What kind of help is available?

There are hundreds of modalities and they all have their strengths. These are the ones I found most helpful.

Energy/Vibration Work:

Energy workers can help you release stuck energy

Energy workers can help you release stuck energy

Energy workers can help you release stuck energy. The best workers don’t need tools like Tarot cards or Kinesiology to know where you are. They tune in by consulting your spirit guides or arc angels. They can feel and see your vibration and can even clean it for you. It’s such a relief!

They can also tell you the origin of the vibration, whether the roots are in a past life, your childhood, or your ancestors, etc. It’s extra information that you may find helpful and interesting.

Ideally, your energy worker will also teach you techniques so that you can help yourself. You’ll probably still want a live session from time to time, but in between you’ll be able to do a lot of the work alone.


  • Be specific when describing your issue.
  • Ask follow-up questions based on the information you receive.
  • Be real. Don’t say something feels better if it doesn’t.

Favorite energy worker:

Kerry Finnecy. She is by far the most evolved and effective teacher and healer I’ve encountered. I had the pleasure of working with her weekly in San Diego and now via Skype since I moved to Bali.

She does Skype and phone consultation or can see you at her practice in San Diego (phone number: 1.619.787.771). Price: $120/1.5 hours.

Psychic/Intuitive Reading

With so many hacks selling themselves as psychic readers, and with so many others mixing their own ideas and beliefs into their readings, finding a good psychic reader is difficult. If you can find one though, psychics are invaluable part of spiritual growth. They will tell you where you are and where you’re going based on your current vibration. They can even help you to change your vibration to attract what you want.

Even the best psychic though can’t control your vibration; they can only read where you are now and predict the future based on your current position. So if you don’t like the prediction, ask what you need to do to change it. Nothing is written in stone, you remain and always will be, the creator of your own reality.


  • Ask specific questions. Don’t just say “Tell me my future.”
  • Ask for advice for the best course of action.

The good psychics will leave you feeling uplifted and clear.

Best psychic:

Lynn Kay

Lynn Kay

Lynn Kay. I’ve had lots of readings in my life but the best one by far is Lynn. She is very accurate and tuned in. She is also fun and light to talk to. Highly recommended. or call her at 1.858.212.1041 . She also does phone and Skype consultations.

Price: $125/hour

Life / Relationship Coaching

Sometimes it seems that every person who ever read a spiritual book is now a life coach. You have to look carefully but there are some fantastic coaches out there who make a huge difference in people’s lives.

A good coach will ask you questions and give you guidance. The best are also intuitive; they get additional information from a higher source.


  • Find a life coach that you resonate with.
  • Ask specific questions.

Best life coaches:

Melanie and Anthony Clark (“The Amazing Clarks.”)

Melanie and Anthony Clark (“The Amazing Clarks.”)

Melanie and Anthony Clark (“The Amazing Clarks.”) The Clarks prove that long-lasting love is possible. They specialize in relationship coaching and will teach you everything you need to know about preparing for an amazing relationship, attracting a perfect match and sustaining that relationship. They also excel in life coaching in general.

Call 1.562.522.4018

Price: $200/Hour

Can you afford the help?

If you are hesitant about spending money on help, think back about some of your recent expenses. That expensive handbag, dinner or video game will not take you where you want to go spiritually. If you want to make the most out of life, spiritual growth should be your first priority. Save if you need to but don’t skip amazing teachers who can help you reach the next level. There is no virtue in trying to do it all on your own.

All of the experts I listed here are fantastic and I vouch for them. Post a comment below if you’ve tried any of them.

Have fun!