Why Do People Die? (and Andreas Moritz Cause of Death)

Andreas Moritz Cause of Death was that he was done here.

Healing Art by Andreas Moritz

I’ve recently done the Liver Cleanse based on the information in the book The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush.

The success of my first liver flush made me curious about the Author Andreas Moritz. I found he’s written quite a few interesting books and is also an incredible artist (see his healing art here).  While researching his work, I also found that the author has passed on a few months ago. His passing made a lot of people skeptical of his work, after all, if he is dead after doing all these cleanses, meditating and eating Vegan for years, what hope is there for us? Could he been wrong? Could his cleanses be dangerous?

While looking for the answer, I discovered few “conspiracy theories”. Some said he died of cancer. Some said he died of Epsom salt poisoning, someone even wrote that they thought he was assassinated (my favorite).

His family made an official announcement that you can read below. I’d just like to give you my opinion from a spiritual perspective: Andreas Moritz died because he was ready to. His soul (higher self) was finished with this lifetime and wanted to continue on its development. From the video below you can see that he had no resistance to death and saw it as a wonderful experience. He finished what he came here to do and he was ready to move on.

“When you die, you don’t have any loss, of any kind, you only gain!”

Andreas Moritz Cause of Death as written on his facebook page:

“Dear Friends,

Since the time of Andreas’ passing, we have received several emails from caring friends, colleagues and clients around the world asking to know more about the cause and circumstances of his crossing over.

It is our understanding that the cause of his death dates back to his serious health problems in early childhood.

At that time, the medical doctors in Germany diagnosed him as having juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and severe arrhythmia, amongst many other medical conditions. Unable to alleviate his ailments, and to the best of our understanding, the doctors did not give him much hope of surviving past his teen years or early adulthood; his life expectancy was short, and this is something Andreas has mentioned in several of his books and interviews.

Realizing that mainstream medicine was unable to help him, Andreas acknowledged that the only real chance he had of overcoming these chronic and debilitating health issues was to learn everything he could about how the human body truly functions. And so by the young age of 15, Andreas had begun to make a serious study of the human digestive system, experimenting with many different changes to his food intake and overall nutrition. He finally discovered that foods derived from animal (protein) sources were poisoning his body, and when he eliminated them, many of his symptoms disappeared.

His deep and unrelenting passion for learning more and more about human health, restoring one’s health naturally, and sharing this knowledge, wisdom and experience to help others around the globe remained the central focus and driving thrust throughout his life. Thanks to this, he soon discovered the liver and gallbladder flush (the one described in his books) to be the most effective approach – a natural, non-invasive healing modality that finally enabled him to restore his overall health and that of millions of people worldwide.

A couple of months before his transition, Andreas was exposed to insidious mold inhalation. This, with time, created complications that led to heart valve failure, which stemmed from his childhood “severe arrhythmia”. Understandably, Andreas refused to have invasive surgical treatments or procedures, living by his deep-rooted beliefs and supported by a calm, inner knowingness that his time on Earth was completed.

It is common knowledge that Andreas had totally transcended all fear of death. And that was his tranquil, fulfilled state of heart, mind and soul when he did pass over, with his beloved wife, Lillian, by his side.”


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  1. Patrick says:

    I never bought the idea he had cancer or was murdered. The man looked way too radiant for cancer – even days before his death. Judging from his symptoms as a child, it definitely seemed he had heart issues. A bad heart is a bad heart.. Not really much you can do. It’s not a coincidence that in most indigenous cultures, “shamans” are usually initiated by an illness in childhood or early adulthood – Andreas was no exception. His illness allowed him access to the intuitive dimension. We should all celebrate his life and most importantly learn from his work!

    One love.

    • Thanks for your comment Patrick and I agree :-)

      • i absolutely agree with your comment patrick..
        even when you read his books,you can feel the his energy that he was so caring and he only wanted to share with others!
        light and love

  2. Thanks for posting this. My health has improved greatly with the flushes. The universe obviously had other plans for this great man.

  3. janet mizban says:

    God bless his soul & many thanks to him for the knowledge he brought forth for us. Sad to have lost a great help to human race!!! Thank u all for this post & the replies…

  4. David Stephenson says:

    By chance I encountered Andreas website two years ago, it was the strength and compassion of his personality that gave me he peace of mind to try out the liver flush method, which worked extremely well. I will always be grateful to him for sharing his knowledge for the greater good of us all; Thank you Andreas.

  5. David Stephenson says:

    By chance I encountered Andreas website two years ago, it was the strength and compassion of his personality that gave me the peace of mind to try out the liver flush method, which worked extremely well. I will always be grateful to him for sharing his knowledge for the greater good of us all; Thank you Andreas.

  6. Amazing perspective of Life and Death. Thank you for sharing.

  7. regina smith says:

    I was sorry to hear about Andreas Mortiz death. I did a Liver flush. using his book. I was successful in expelling up to 100 stones. riding myself of posionous toxins. i will continue my flushes and am very grateful for his life’s work here on Earth. He was a great man. with a golden heart. He made it easy on us to heal ourselves and gave great advice. I only wish I could have met him!!” God bless his spirit and his family

  8. I was concerned at the passing of Andreas, only having come across his information a little before his passing.

    I am empowered through his legacy of honest information and through that, able to take responsibility for my own health and wellbeing with the conviction that Andreas’ message was one bourne through a love of all.

    I have introduced many people to his work and encourage others to do likewise, to open a window to other possibilities.

    In the coming age it is only that that holds any salvation. We will each do what is right for us, Andreas message lives on – the importance of personal responsibility, a willingness to share ourselves, a curious mind and respect for another to choose their own path.

    I will be forever grateful to him and those that supported him for the legacy at hand and the inspiration within it.


  9. sandy coueffin says:

    I just went to pick up three books by Andreas. I learned of him because of my interest in health. Plan on doing the liver flush. Have been getting headaches which is uncommon for me, possibly due to the chemtrails here in the okanagan. It’s been going on night and day!

  10. Martha Magee says:

    I knew Andreas. And although we never met physically I can honestly say he ” knew” me. Because Andreas viewed everyone and everything through the lens of his own true heart, he was able to see the true heart of others.
    Andreas was so knowledgeable – way out there on the leading edge of understanding.
    He was completely devoted to the Truth. His intent was 100% pure.
    Andreas was so kind to me during our sessions on the phone together and so intuitively attuned I would learn later from Lillian he could even feel when I was watching t.v. in between sessions! as I struggled with my addiction to it.
    Andreas was very helpful to me personally during a very challenging time in my life. I learned so much from him.
    Andreas had such a beautiful heart. Is it possible to die from too much love ? I, myself was just diagnosed with a heart arrythmia. (I welcome all prayers, healing, Light and assistance from here and the higher dimensional assist as well. It is my wish to be restored to balance and continue on my journey here as joyful uplifter through my music…for me the awareness seems to be about loving myself unconditionally and releasing the heavy burden of childhood wounding my heart has carried for lo these many decades…Amen to that!) Thank you.
    Love was what motivated this dear man. Andreas – I wish I could have hugged you. I am hugging you now. Thank you for not being like other people.
    Thank you for blessing me with your love amd your Light.
    Your life’s work will continue to have a benficial ripple effect for us truth seekers, and hopefully through your books, many more in the years to come. I’m so glad you made all
    those YouTubes.
    I’m sure you had a thunderous reception in Heaven. Can’t wait to see what you do next.
    My heart goes out to Lillian. I’m sending a hug to you too, and all of you reading this.

    with my love,

  11. I had the same thought when I heard he died!

    I do believe that there is an ascension happening and I figured that Andreas was just at such a high vibration that he was no longer able to stay in this physical plane.
    The world is a better place because he was here.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective!

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