Getting Re-Connected To Your body And Eating Guilt-Free

Chakra Meditation

In my last blog post I presented the concept of eating while being in alignment. I explained how food can either benefit or harm your body based on how aligned you are with eating it. Being ultra-aware of your thoughts before you eat can be a challenge. We don’t usually take the time to pause … [Continue reading]

What’s the best diet? Getting In Alignment

When you give thanks for the food you’re about to it, you raise its vibration and you get in alignment with eating it.

We like to pigeonhole things. We like to make order, create categories, define things as good or bad. Usually, that’s fine. But when it comes to food and diet, we’ve taken this categorization to an extreme level. We’re always looking for the “perfect diet,” the one correct way of eating … [Continue reading]

Why Do People Die? (and Andreas Moritz Cause of Death)

Healing Art by Andreas Moritz

I've recently done the Liver Cleanse based on the information in the book The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush. The success of my first liver flush made me curious about the Author Andreas Moritz. I found he’s written quite a few interesting books and is also an incredible artist (see his … [Continue reading]

How to lose judgement and feel more connected to other human beings


A few months ago I had a rough few days. A bit of careless acupuncture with a very large needle triggered a hormonal imbalance. I’m normally pretty even-keeled and emotionally stable so feeling this out-of-balance was very unusual and very uncomfortable. As well as feeling sad and even depressed, … [Continue reading]

Forgiveness Prayers for Self Healing

Forgiveness has to go BOTH ways: from you to them, from them to you. It’s the only way to untangle this vibration

Many gurus, spiritual teachers and those popular spirituality images on Facebook say you should forgive those you feel have wronged you. They say it’s healthier to forgive than to keep the anger and resentment locked up inside. They say that not forgiving will make you miserable, sad and even … [Continue reading]

The Focus Wheel Process

Think of yourself as a lawyer trying to convince a jury that the statement in the center of the wheel is already true.

The Focus Wheel Process was presented by Abraham-Hicks. The purpose is to shift your vibration about a topic  to a higher point so that you: Feel better, immediately; Change your point of attraction; Manifest what you want. Over the years I’ve done hundreds of focus wheels with a … [Continue reading]

Piece Alignment Process

Every negative emotion we feel is a piece of us that is currently not in alignment

Piece Alignment is an extremely powerful process given to me by Kerri Finnecy. The idea is that every negative emotion we feel is a piece of us that is currently not in alignment with our higher self, or which has been separated from us. To feel better we have to bring this piece back into … [Continue reading]