Reality Check Process

The idea is to talk about your life the way you want it to be, as though you’re already there

As an avid Abraham-Hicks student, I’ve heard them say again and again that if we want a new reality, we have to tell a different story. “You have to begin to tell the story of your life as you now want it to be and discontinue the tales of how it has been or of how it is.” ~ … [Continue reading]

The Power of Focus

What would you think if I told you that when you focus for seventeen seconds, you get the same results that you would have had after working for 2000 hours

Almost every process I describe in this blog comes down to one thing: focus. Focus is what creates manifestation. Everything you see around you was because someone at some point, focused long enough to make it manifest. The earth, the planets, everything. Abraham-Hicks talks about the power of … [Continue reading]

The Self-Talk Process

When crisis hits, we tend to reach out to friends and family. But we can also reach out to our best ally, the one person who we know for certain cares about us.

Overcoming Crisis by Becoming Your Own Best Friend There are times when we feel so down that none of the processes in our Spiritual Toolbox work. You try a Focus Wheel and you can’t even start it. You try The Piece Alignment Process and nothing shifts. It happens, and when it does, there is a … [Continue reading]

The Pre-Paving Process

Visualization lets you see what you want in your mind’s eyes

Pre-paving is mental planning. It’s a hugely effective and simple process, presented by Abraham-Hicks, that increases the chances of an event going the way you want. I use it often and highly recommend it. It works close to 100 percent of the time! Pre-Paving Is More Powerful Than … [Continue reading]

The Connection Between Resentment And Cancer — And How To Stay Resentment-Free

Wives can resent husbands for failing to muck in with the laundry

I realize this may be a touchy subject. So many people are affected by cancer, either directly or through friends and family who have suffered from it. Cancer kills fewer people than heart disease but it generates a lot more fear. Why Is Cancer So Scary? It’s not just the mortality rate that’s so … [Continue reading]

How To Stop Blaming Others For Your Reality… And Start Taking Responsibility For Creating It

Whenever we think someone has done us wrong, our first response is usually blame

Whenever we think someone has done us wrong, our first response is usually blame. It’s easier and feels better than taking responsibility. Blame is higher in the Emotional Scale given to us by Abraham-Hicks than responsibility and even anger. It’s our first stop when we realize we’ve been let … [Continue reading]

Erasing Hot Buttons And Becoming Neutral

Hot buttons, also known as “triggers,” are those pieces in us that react to people or situations in a less than favorable way

Hot buttons, also known as “triggers,” are those pieces in us that react to people or situations in a less than favorable way. If we are not aware of them (or if we are aware of them but don’t take the time to neutralize them) they can make us miserable and affect our lives negatively — and they … [Continue reading]

Dating Parameters And The State Of Your Heart

Lots of singles have a list of parameters they’d like to see in their future mate

Lots of singles have a list of parameters they’d like to see in their future mate. The older you get, the longer the list and there’s nothing wrong with that. Experience teaches us what we want and what we don’t want in a mate. Would You Recognize The One When They Finally Show Up? So we assume … [Continue reading]

Opening Of The Heart Process

How does your heart feel? Does it feel constricted or open? Would you describe it as a fist or as an open flower?

During my spiritual journey I’ve heard the term “opening the heart” again and again. One friend would tell me I should “open my heart” every time I saw him, and each time, my eyes would glaze over. I had no clue what he was talking about. I’m pretty pragmatic and I don’t do well with esoteric … [Continue reading]

Awareness Is The First Step To Spiritual Growth

The first step is to become more aware.

Spirituality has a purpose. It is not here to entertain us or to give us something to talk about over dinner. Its purpose is to improve our lives. That doesn’t happen overnight. I meet a lot of spiritual seekers who are so excited about their spiritual path that they immediately want to jump … [Continue reading]

Stuck? Ask for help.

Energy workers can help you release stuck energy

As an avid spiritual seeker, I sometimes find myself stuck. I want to move forward on my spiritual journey but I am not sure what my next step is or how to address a certain issue. I sometimes don’t see the issue clearly or don’t have enough information about it. So what do I do? I ask for … [Continue reading]

How To Stop Overeating Forever

I believe overeating stems from feeling lack

How much food do we really need to live? Not as much as we think. Most of us eat a lot more than what we really need. The result isn’t just weight gain and low self-esteem. Overeating also causes some serious health issues including high blood pressure and diabetes. Why Do We Overeat? I … [Continue reading]

Shifting Lack Consciousness

You feel that you don’t have enough now so if you spend the money you do have, you’ll have even less tomorrow.

Lack Consciousness is the misconception that the universe is limited. Most people live with this feeling in some form. Some experience it with money. Some with food. Others with love but it can affect anything. They walk around feeling that they can’t have what they want because there is simply … [Continue reading]

Money and your surroundings

The book contained a map of a house in which each area corresponded to a different aspect of life. The money area in my house at the time was… my bathroom! No wonder so many working hours went down the toilet!

I wasn’t aware of my how my surroundings were affecting me until about ten years ago. I had just started a new business called and was putting a tremendous amount of effort and time into it — without much return. I knew something was stuck with the energy. I started … [Continue reading]

Getting Re-Connected To Your body And Eating Guilt-Free

Chakra Meditation

In my last blog post I presented the concept of eating while being in alignment. I explained how food can either benefit or harm your body based on how aligned you are with eating it. Being ultra-aware of your thoughts before you eat can be a challenge. We don’t usually take the time to pause and … [Continue reading]

What’s the best diet? Getting In Alignment

When you give thanks for the food you’re about to it, you raise its vibration and you get in alignment with eating it.

We like to pigeonhole things. We like to make order, create categories, define things as good or bad. Usually, that’s fine. But when it comes to food and diet, we’ve taken this categorization to an extreme level. We’re always looking for the “perfect diet,” the one correct way of eating that will … [Continue reading]

Why Do People Die? (and Andreas Moritz Cause of Death)

Healing Art by Andreas Moritz

I've recently done the Liver Cleanse based on the information in the book The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush. The success of my first liver flush made me curious about the Author Andreas Moritz. I found he’s written quite a few interesting books and is also an incredible artist (see his … [Continue reading]

How to lose judgement and feel more connected to other human beings


A few months ago I had a rough few days. A bit of careless acupuncture with a very large needle triggered a hormonal imbalance. I’m normally pretty even-keeled and emotionally stable so feeling this out-of-balance was very unusual and very uncomfortable. As well as feeling sad and even depressed, I … [Continue reading]

Forgiveness Prayers for Self Healing

Forgiveness has to go BOTH ways: from you to them, from them to you. It’s the only way to untangle this vibration

Many gurus, spiritual teachers and those popular spirituality images on Facebook say you should forgive those you feel have wronged you. They say it’s healthier to forgive than to keep the anger and resentment locked up inside. They say that not forgiving will make you miserable, sad and even … [Continue reading]

The Focus Wheel Process

Think of yourself as a lawyer trying to convince a jury that the statement in the center of the wheel is already true.

The Focus Wheel Process was presented by Abraham-Hicks. The purpose is to shift your vibration about a topic  to a higher point so that you: Feel better, immediately; Change your point of attraction; Manifest what you want. Over the years I’ve done hundreds of focus wheels with a success … [Continue reading]